Wheel Bearing Kit


Part Number: 25-1738

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Part Number: 25-1738
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Wheel Bearing Kit
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Additional Information

Kit Contents
Description QTY per Kit
Ball Bearing 2
Seal 2
Application Wheel Bearing Kit Rear Can-Am Spyder ST_STS SM5 13, Spyder GS 990 5-Speed 08, Spyder GS 990 Semi-Automatic 08, Spyder GS Roadster with SE5 transmission 09, Spyder GS Roadster with SM5 transmission 09, Spyder RS Roadster SE5 10-11, Spyder RS Roadster SE5 Late 10, Spyder RS Roadster SM5 10-11, Spyder RS Roadster SM5 Late 10, Spyder RS SE5 12, Spyder RS SM5 12, Spyder RS_RSS SE5 13, Spyder RS_RSS SM5 13, Spyder RS_RSS SM5_SE5 13, Spyder RT Limited 12, Spyder RT LIMITED SE5 13, Spyder RT LTD 11, Spyder RT Roadster SE5 11, Spyder RT Roadster SM5 11, Spyder RT RTS Roadster SE5 10, Spyder RT RTS Roadster SM5 10, Spyder RT SE5 12, Spyder RT SM5 12, Spyder RT_RTS SE5 13, Spyder RT_RTS SE5_SM5 13, Spyder RT_RTS SM5 13, Spyder ST LIMITED SE5 13, Spyder ST_STS SE5 13, Spyder ST_STS SE5_SM5 13
Is not available for California N/A
Distributor Information
Distributor Name Distributor Reference #
Automatic 25-1738
Gamma 25-1738
MTA 125-1738
Motovan 125-1738
Thibault 237251738
Western Power Sports 22-51738
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Product Features