Starter Components

All Balls Racing Harley Davidson Starter Components consist of Harley Davidson Starter Clutch replacements, Solenoid Repair Kits and One Piece Jackshaft Kits.

Harley Davidson style replacement starter clutchs feature assemblies that are designed to improve clutch life under hard starting conditions.

Harley Solenoid Repair Kits feature a heavy duty design suitable for use with our hi-performance 1.4kW Shovel Head starter motors.

All Balls Racing 1 Piece Jackshaft Kits will deliver more torque to the primary while reducing the occurrences of shaft binding. The cushioning spring is moved to the back of the shaft eliminated the need for the inner primary support bearing making the jackshaft easier to install.

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  1. 79-2110

    Starter Clutch for Harley Sportster (1981-2016) Learn More
  2. 79-2101

    Starter Clutch for Harley (1991-06 Except Dyna) Learn More
  3. 79-2103

    Starter Clutch for Harley (1989-90) Learn More
  4. 79-2104

    Starter Clutch for Harley (2007+ & 2006 Dyna) Learn More
  5. 79-2109

    Starter Clutch for Harley (1967-80 XL & 1965-88 Big Twin) Learn More
  6. 79-2108

    Solenoid Repair Kit for Early Harley Learn More
  7. 79-2105

    One Piece Jackshaft Kit for Harley 9 Tooth (1989-93) Learn More
  8. 79-2106

    One Piece Jackshaft Kit for Harley - 10 Tooth (1994-06) Learn More

Set Descending Direction

8 Item(s)